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What our planners say about us

  Julia Fintz - owner, Lekker Adventures

I’m very impressed with the Tig’See platform. It provides a great opportunity to reach a wider customer base and share our travel knowledge with others. The profile was easy to setup and captures all key information a prospective customer might be interested in. It also allows personalization so that we, as travel planners, can effectively communicate our expertise and passion for a destination.

  John Leboffe - owner, Tema

I have been working with Tig’See since they first went online a year ago and I am very impressed with their continuing efforts to reach out and communicate with traveling clients, especially those interested in receiving personalized travel services before and during their vacations or business trips. In particular, over the past few months Tig’See has revamped its online system making it easier and clearer to use for both the travelers and travel planners and service providers. I look forward to a continued collaboration with Tig’See and their help in servicing our clients.

  Nancy Lauer and Said Ahnana - owner, Open Doors Morocco

I am happy to have been one of the first signed tour companies to work with Tig'See. Community and Travel Expert input is unique to Tig'See. The company is interested in involving as many constituents as possible in their development. This is in contrast to impersonal larger organizations. It is obvious that a primary goal of the company is to create and refine a high quality product that fills the gaps in the travel industry. Some of the gaps filled are: location and assessment of quality travel experts who know the local markets, quality customized travel consultation, and personalized communication. I'm excited to see the continual progress of Tig'See in the marketplace.