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G Ganesh 21-Apr-2017 Mexico
Z Zhanat 20-Apr-2017 Morocco
G Ganesh 20-Apr-2017 Cruise from Los Angeles to Hawaii
R Reuben 27-Mar-2017 Tanzania
l linda 24-Mar-2017 Morocco
K Katie 02-Mar-2017 Disney World Theme Parks, Orlando
A Arindam 11-Jan-2017 India
G Goodluck 10-Dec-2016 Tanzania
A Alexandr 07-Oct-2016 India
j joumana 28-Sep-2016 Disney World Theme Parks, Orlando
P Parthh 17-Sep-2016 India
S Shay 10-Sep-2016 Disney World Theme Parks, Orlando
T Tara 09-Sep-2016 Disney World Theme Parks, Orlando
M Michelle 04-Sep-2016 Disney World Theme Parks, Orlando
R Roger 03-Sep-2016 Disney World Theme Parks, Orlando

What travelers say about our experts

L  Laura Richardson traveling to Disney World with Susan Burks

TigSee put me in touch with a Disney/Universal studios expert!!! She is super and my family and I can't wait to enjoy her magic touch this summer. I would have never found her without TigSee! Thank you!

L  Laurent RUBIE traveled to Italy with Gaetano Peragine

Wanted to chill out and get a taste of the famous "dolce vita" for a short 4 day break this summer and Gaetano really hit the spot! Started with 2 days in Chianti where Gaetano's choice of hotel and hidden trattorias immediately got us into the spirit of this beautiful region. Followed up with a drive down to the marvelous baroque city of Lecce in Puglia where we enjoyed one of ...

S  Stephen Eddy traveled to Israel with Zel Lederman

We had a wonderful tour with Zel! He led us on a private tour hiking up Masada at sunrise, touring Qumran, Ein Gedi, the Dead Sea and the baptism sight of Jesus in the Jordan river. He was an excellent tour guide and prided himself in keeping us away from any tour groups to keep a private feel ...